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Does your website need completely re-designed or setup or should it be migrated?  Do you need a custom coded website, or an App developed?

We know the importance of getting projects off the ground and running quickly. Sometimes we use existing templates and apps set in place or sometimes we mix and match a template with custom code.

Development: Here at Hillsdale Web Design, we offer a deeper and more complex service in addition to standard setup with custom development. Services can include database function, UI development, custom form creation, custom login systems, custom apps, and more.

Design Setup: If custom coding isn’t what you are looking for (because it can be time consuming and pricey), we have the tools to offer alternatives that fit everyone’s time and budget. Nowadays developers are constantly creating the next best template or app so as a multimedia designing company, we have your back.

Your website can be as little or as large as you want!

All HWD websites when created from scratch are mobile friendly and responsive.

We include minor SEO with all website setups. Typically (but not guaranteed) minor SEO options may include the following below. 

It’s imperative to make note that this is “minor” SEO as the full list of SEO services is deep and ever changing.

  • Defining your main keywords

  • Adding header code meta tags

  • Allowing search engines to include your site in search results (this is a manual feature needed to be set on each page

  • Optimizing site pages to make sure the site is more discoverable in search results

  • Setting social links

  • Setting contact information

  • Adding internal hyperlinks

  • Setting up alt text

  • Ensuring descriptions are optimized with the main keywords

  • Setting page titles and page headers

UX Design: We always keep in mind a user’s experience. This service excludes any content needed to build the optimized page descriptions (the content).

It’s important to understand that SEO “moves with the times”; it’s determined on search engine guidelines and rules and governed by consumer trends which constantly need implemented and monitored in various forms. However, if the minor website SEO is not completed, your website will not be seen Online. This is why we implement it at the build-out stage and continue to offer the maintenance yearly.

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Custom websites are created and managed to fit your needs, not ours! Designed and built with you in mind, your new website will have everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

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