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Website maintenance, management and updates are all different types of services. 



Maintenance is when your site goes down or gets disconnected from its email record or you need a domain connected.  Maintenance is also when plug-ins and apps need updated due to outdated features or if the manufacturer stops supporting it.  Maintenance for your host, your website, your email, your domain, these are all separate services that we provide!

Host Maintenance: We will dive into your settings to ensure everything is connected and working properly. Some of those settings are making sure the payment features are working, making sure your social platforms are still connected, fixing any glitches or errors caused by the host, checking notifications, roles and permissions, the mobile app and so on.


Back Engine Maintenance: When we set up your site, we make sure your address is set up, the favicon is set up, we make sure to set up your logo and business description on the back engine, we tell the host which payment types you accept and more. 


Maintenance of Applications, Databases, Themes, Plugins, etc.: We make sure your applications, database, themes, plugins, etc. are set up and working properly. If you require updates on these add-ons any time, we are happy to work with you on that!


Management is when we manage different aspects of your online presence and assign you a project manager.  We manage website functionality, the user's experience, we manage online marketing campaigns and how they interact with your website, we manage marketing budgets to ensure you stay within your budget, we manage your networking opportunities and so much more.



Website updates are just as they sound.  When you need your site updated with images, content, call to actions, new Google Best Practices features, we update your site so you don’t have to!  We can offer this service à la carte if you are having us host your site, or we can go into a monthly package deal where you save money on a continuous basis!

Site Updates: We'll update your blog posts, your website's copy (content) we will create new pages or spruce up existing pages on your site, we can edit your back-end or databases, plugins, apps and forms!  

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