Step-by-Step Guide

The process of completing a brand-new website.


At this point, you’ve agreed to the price of your website; host, domain, minor maintenance, and setup, and have denoted how many pages your site will have (which are subject to change). Now, it’s time to complete the following steps and make note of the information at the bottom of this page! ​​

Step 1:


Site Samples: Before we can get started, we would need to see samples of other sites you like! They will need to be sites that offer the exact same services as your business as well as sites that offer services and products from different industries. What we are looking for are samples of what you like visually (so that is why they can be sites that have nothing to do with your industry); the look and functionality, but also sites that have similar services and products so we can see what the competition offers. If you had to focus on one over the other, please show us samples of sites that are within your industry first.


Step 2:


Content: We will also need all of your content sent to us. This does not mean you have to come up with new content, it simply means, send us anything you can; brochures, flyers, copy of questions and answers you’ve provided your clients in the past and so on. If you’ve ever written out a long description, a short description, an elevator pitch or anything like that, please send us those items as well. Your motto, the business philosophy, your tagline, everything! This is when you will want to send us any staff bios, history, headshots, etc. We will need content for each of the pages your site requires. If you have hired us to help with content, we will send over a proof of all content prior to site completion. This does not mean that we will not need your current flyers, brochures, Q&As, etc. as anything you send will help tremendously! As you know, content creation is a separate service, so the more information you can send us, the better for you as well! Feel free to send as little or as much as you’d like. We do ask, however, that all content be sent at the same time to Please provide your content in a Word document or editable .pdf. Please do not send us multiple, separate emails. Do not worry about sending images and videos at this time as we will go over that step next. If you do, we will ask that you send us one email with ALL content as your previous emails will be null and void. Once your content is completely sent to Amanda, we will review it as a team to determine if we need further information or if we are ready to move forward. If we are happy with what we have, we will send you back a “Business Overview” for you to keep for your records.


Step 3:


Visuals / Images and Videos: Send us your branding board; fonts you use, all forms of your logo/mark files (needed in a .eps format if you have it, otherwise a high resolution .pdf), all images you use on a continuous basis, and your brand’s color pallet. If there are any images you really like that you use often or have used a few times in the past or would like to start using, please send those! Please be sure to only send us high quality images. If you need to learn more about how to obtain high quality and free images, please visit this link here. You do not have to send all of your images and videos at once as we understand that files can be large. However, prior to sending us any images and files, send an email to discuss the best method for you, if it’s going to be Dropbox or another form of uploader. We will also be gathering our own high-quality images for you, especially if you do not have high quality images. However, there have been times when images may need to be purchased. If this is the case, a separate invoice will be provided to cover those added costs. We typically use Shutterstock and will show you an image prior to purchase. Lastly, if you would like to learn more about our Professional Videography services, you may do so here!


Step 4:


(Optional) Apps/Custom Code: If you have added on website apps or are having your site custom coded, we will need to have any information shared with us about those apps prior to setting up the website as well. For calculators, for instance, we will need to see an Excel spreadsheet of all of your formulas and choices. For database buildouts, we will need to have all information provided in an Excel format as well, and so on. For custom coded websites, a separate website tree and diagram will need to be approved prior to build.


Step 5:


Contact Information: Each website comes with a complementary contact page. Please provide us with all of the contact information you need, including any “Request a Quote” forms, any “Sign Up” forms, the email, phone, address, etc. associated to each form, if you are using MailChimp or Constant Contacts that you need associated to your sign-up form, if you are using a 3rd party donation site such as DonorBox, if your contact form needs to be simple, needs to be in-depth with questions, and so on. Feel free to provide us with a visual sample from other sites!


Step 6:


Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Billing Policy, etc.: Each website comes with a complementary basic privacy policy. You can see what that looks like here. If you require a custom privacy policy, please provide us with that content or if you have hired us to create content, send us a sample. Your website may require a Terms and Conditions page, a Billing Policy, an Endorsement Policy, a Blog Comment Policy and other. If you need more pages added to your current estimate, please let us know prior to going onto the next step.

Step 7:

We now have enough information to create your website tree showing you the flow of your site..  All you need to do now is wait!  Some sites take 2 days, some take 2 weeks, some take 2 months.  If just depends on how your site is being created.

Step 8:


Building Your Site: After you approve your tree/site flow, we will start designing your site!  We will use your brand board with the colors, fonts, imagery, we will base our design off the samples you sent, and we will lay out your content accordingly!

Step 9:

After you have approved your website's structure, look and feel, functionality, etc., we then complete your minor back engine SEO services.  Information coming soon.

This includes the following:


Sub-URLs, Titles, Descriptions: Behind the scenes, in the back engine, we will manually enter in your sub-URLs, your page titles, and your descriptions.


Here is an example:

Page Title: Contact Us | Hillsdale Web Design | Hillsdale County, MI…

Page Sub-URL: › contact-us (

Page Description: Call 517-320-2543 or email anytime...Hillsdale Web Design is located in Hillsdale Michigan servicing Hillsdale County and the surrounding areas since 2014… (It’s important to make your page description stand out from the competition but also to pull keywords that are popular for your business. You can either provide us with exactly what you want, or if you have opted out of content creation, the page description will simply be pulled from the content provided for each page. If you are hiring us to help with content, we will provide you with a proof of what your descriptions will be and you can change/edit it.* *If your page changes in content down the road, this information will also need to be changed.)​


Keywords: We will provide you with 10 keywords/phrases based on what Google perceives as being popular. However, we do ask that you send us at least 5 keywords/phrases you think your clients are searching organically when they look for services and products you offer.


For example, with Hillsdale Web Design, our top 5 keywords are:

Website designer

Web hosting company

Internet marketing service

Website designer in Hillsdale

Website design company


​​Additionally, we use:

Online marketing

Website development company

Hillsdale Michigan web design

Website marketing company

Website company

Website design companies near me

Website building companies

Website hosting companies

Hillsdale Web Design

At this time, we also take care of your Directory Listings (if you have added on this service).


Directory Listings: We will need to ensure your site is connected to Google My Business and Facebook. Are you currently connected to Google My Business and/or Facebook? If you are, please add us as an Admin/Manager. If you have other directory listings setup such as Bing My Places, Yelp, etc., you may decide that now is a good time to add us as Admins/Managers as well–especially if you’ve hired us to dive deeper into SEO. As you know, SEO and SEM services are offered as a separate service and can be added at any time! If you need help setting up Google My Business and/or Facebook, please let us know so that we can get you a separate estimate. We also help with any social media page setup, management, etc., if you are interested.


Step 10:

Once you have approved your minor SEO settings, that's it!  Your site is live and we can start to promote it. Turnaround, Proofing/Agreement, and Training, Adjustments and Monthly Payments can be found here.

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