3 for 3

Your Choice of 3 Online Directory Listings:  
You can choose Google, Facebook, and Yelp for example (Yelp communicates to Yahoo), or choose your own "directly listings" to have us set them up and get them ready for use.  This service is a $300 one-time investment (a $150 savings!).  Once all 3 of those listings are up and running, you can either maintain them yourself, or you can hire us to do it.   
The Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the main listings we recommend to anyone starting out.  However, if you have us set them up, especially Facebook, you will need to post to them at least once per week or posts and interactions get stagnant. 
If you are interested in just one of these listings, say you just want Facebook, then we do them individually at $150 per listing. 

directory program

Get Your Listings Across 100s of Directories ALL AT ONCE!  


Listings on 100+ online locations including Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. and allows clients to make updates across all platforms at once. It also has powerful analytic reporting!

With this service, you can have us setup 100+ directory listings all at once time!  This program is especially good for businesses who like to change their specials, add new images, or businesses who really want their products and services listed online seamlessly!  


Manually making these directory changes can be a never ending task–in fact, it's almost impossible to do.  This package is a time saver if your main goal is to make sure your online presence is on point.  We always recommend this package for new businesses starting out, established businesses who have a poor online presence, or businesses who have a messy online presence. 


If you are a new businesses or know your online presence is kinda messy, but you feel you don't change your hours, your specials, you are OK with just updating images on Facebook or Google, then we recommend using this package for a year or two then reevaluating after.   Having this package set in place forces online directories to take you serious.


did you know that if Google finds that your hours are wrong in just one place online, it gets confused and thinks you are not a good and reliable answer to give to the viewers asking it questions?  Same goes for products, services, addresses, phone numbers, and so much more!


As time goes on, for these businesses who rarely change and who are now using this package, we may suggest changing your package to something else.  Learn More About This Package HERE


Below is our price structure:


Directory Listing Program

Save money per location when you add more than 1 location

  • #1 Knowledge Engine Starter..............$ 90/Location
  • #2 Knowledge Engine Professional....$120/Location

  • #3 Knowledge Engine Unlimited........$225/Location

  • Knowledge Tags..............................$21/Location

  • Healthcare Add-On.........................$27/Location

  • Competitive Intelligence................$63/Location

Package this service with Management and save 10% each month!

The Knowledge Engine Starter package (#1) is good for some, but not all and the Knowledge Engine Unlimited package (#3) is great for most, but not necessary for all.  We always recommend starting with #1 and having us see where it takes you.  If you decide to purchase this service, you will not need to do the 3 for 3 or the individual setup.  However, there is a $45 setup fee per listing.  We include free setup for multiple locations!

This package does not include directory posting, maintenance, analytics, updates, image changes, etc.  Client will have access to this program and can make changes themselves, or once your listings is up and running, we can either go into an hourly rate of $55/hour to manage or maintenance as you need; “As Needed Services”, or you can choose the bundle option called, "Packaged, Monthly Continuous Services for ANY Service"!


As Needed VS.

continuous Services

As Needed Services

Depending on which types of service you need, everything we offer can be purchased on an as needed basis!  Hourly rates vary so please contact us at 517-320-2543 or email info@hillsdalemarketinggroup.com

Packaged, Monthly Continuous Services for ANY Service!

Graphic Design for Online or Print Marketing

PPC Ad Creation

Analytics Management

Project Manager

Other forms of Advertisement: Radio, Magazine, Sponsorships, Affiliates, etc.


  1. Any service HWD/HM Group offers can be packaged for monthly continues use!  Let’s talk about your specific goals!

  2. At the end of the day, this package option go as follows: You choose X amount of hours per month you'd like us to spend across however many platforms you need (as long as it can be obtained) and we bill at a 10% discount + we throw in 1 extra hour each month.



Newsletter Design w/Blast & Blog Post!

HOURS: 2-5 Hours/Mo.

INVESTMENT: $50/Hour (*discounted rate-if broken up discount doesn’t apply, please see details below).  As soon as time has been established, this package can go to a monthly rate like the rest.


  1. With this package, the Contractor will take the content provided by the Client (or, again, if the Client decides to hire HM Group for a service where content is generated for them) and will compile it with a template newsletter from corporate (if needed) to create a monthly newsletter. 

  2. A blog is essential in SEO and to build a relationship with Followers… But it’s not needed for every business.  Client’s usually combine this service where they are getting Blog Posts along with Email Newsletter Blasts.

  3. Setting up an email newsletter blast (however you like to call it “Newsletter” “Business Update” “Event Blast”, etc.” costs $45/Hour and usually takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to setup, proof, and send out.  With email newsletter blasts, the Client will be in charge of paying for the platform if need be (Constant Contacts, MailChimp, etc.).  The Contractor providing this service will manage that account and will follow its analytics and customize each email in accordance to trends and the behavior of the Client’s readers.

  4. Setting up a blog post (again, call it whatever you want) costs $55/hour as long as content is provided including images and outside links.  The Contractor makes sure the blog is written properly (they proof content and format the layout for the best read).  The Contractor will make sure links are working properly and will add proper tags and keywords as well as making sure SEO is setup and images look correct on the site.  If an RSS feed is required, that is no problem.  Typically, this process takes about 1-2 hours depending on how long the blog is.


marketing Video + 

strategy plan

Find Information on This Services HERE >


social media

The way HWD & HM Group provide social media, is focusing on organic and "real" posts so followers don't lose interest. 

Content Writing for Articles, Blogs, Newsletters, etc.

HOURS: 2+ Hours/Mo.*



  1. The Contractor will come up with their own content, in accordance to the Client’s requirements and HWD/HM Group’s guidance as a team

  2. The Contractor will send it to eh Client for approval

  3. Once approved, the content can be used for whatever the Client wants it used for and owns the rights to it!

  4. We go into a 6-month commitment so we can honor the 10% discount.  

Content Management for Social Media

Option A: For those who live within Hillsdale County, Michigan

One of our group members physically hangs out with you and your business for a few hours a week gathering content themselves. 

HOURS: 9 Hours/Mo.*

INVESTMENT: Based on a recommended hours of 9 per month, this package would then be billed at 8 hours at 10% off, which is $49.50/hour, $396.00/Mo. however, you can choose any number of hours per month from 5+


  1. With this package, the Client will receive two (2) hours of onsite content creation where the Contractor will gather one (1) :15 second video with their cell phone of onsite footage of the business in operation, 20-25 quality images with their cell phone of onsite footage of the business in operation, and take notes of other interesting things they deem fit for social media. 

  2. While the Contractor is onsite, they will take the time to complete content as they need, including editing images, typing out content, etc.

  3. The Contractor will spend one (1) hour offsite wrapping up the content they gathered on their own time.  The Contractor will receive one (1) “Off Week”, where they will take a break. The Contractor essentially works 3 weeks in one month, even if there are 5 weeks that month or 4.5, etc.  The Contractor will have to coordinate their “Off Week” with the Client’s approval.

  4. This package is the most important package and we do not recommend using the other services below without it, though you can, and in some circumstances, it’s completely acceptable.

  5. Please understand that if you purchase the Online Directory Package, it does not include directory posting.

  6. Travel time is not included in this estimate.  If the Client lives outside of Hillsdale County Michigan, travel charges apply.  The Contractor will be at your place of work at the time and day he/she and the Client arranges each week.  The time will start once they have arrived.  If the Client decides they’d like to travel to a location, it is suggested to traveling someplace close as time doesn’t stop during travel.  HM Group cannot meet a Client at a destination but will ride along with them from the normal meeting place.

  7. We go into a 6-month commitment so we can honor the 10% discount.  

Option B: For those who live outside of Hillsdale County, Michigan but still within driving range of a Contractor.

  1. Everything applies from Option A, except we know that an automatic travel time will be added.


Option C: For those who live outside of our driving range or those how prefer to generate their own content please see "Social Media Postings, When NOT Packaged with Content Management".

Mini Videos w/Posting

HOURS: 1 Hour/Mo.

INVESTMENT: $80/ one (1) :30 second video


  1. This service allows the Client’s business to be featured in fun, short :30 second videos that can be placed on Client’s business’s website and/or social media page. The Contractor will receive content from the Client.

  2. We go into a 6-month commitment so we can honor the 10% discount.  

Social Media Posting

Social Media Postings, When Packaged with Content Management (Option A or B)!

HOURS: 6 Hours/Mo.




  1. With this package, HM Group (a partner of HWD), will post videos, images, personal videos, new content to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn (for example, you can choose which social sites you want us to post to). 

  2. We can post to up to 12 different social platforms, or monitor keywords, or other options (please ask!) as long as we do not go over our allotted time.

  3. This Contractor will receive new content provided to them each week on a specific day of the week that the Client and HWD/HM Group can agree upon.  This service is based on you providing us with content.  If you decide to purchase another package where content is included, then we will be providing the content. 

  4. The Contractor will not post anything until after they receive the last piece of content for that week.  The Contractor will schedule all posts all at once in accordance to the Client’s industry recommendations for posting times/days, using up 2 hours that week.

  5. The Contractor will receive one (1) “Off Week”, where they will take a break as long as they have spaced out their posts to ensure that week is not “dry”.  The Contractor essentially will only work 3 weeks in one month, even if there are 5 weeks that month or 4.5, etc.  The Contractor will have to take their “Off Week” the same time the Contractor who manages the content does.

  6. Scheduling Posts: We use a program that lets us schedule posts on your behalf.  The program we use has several cool features that help us make your posts better!  We do not charge extra to use this platform!

  7. We go into a 6-month commitment so we can honor the 10% discount.  


Social Media Postings, When NOT Packaged with Content Management

HOURS: X Hours/Mo.

INVESTMENT: X Amount of Hours Client Choice * $49.50/Hour (Which is a 10% Discount off Normal Rates) + Add an Hour Free


  1. This effective and highly successful package is where the Client either provides a lot of the content themselves, or provides some of the content and we generate the rest.  Either method is the same investment. 

  2. If we use up all of our time posting the Client's content, great.  If the Client provides no content that month for whatever reason, and we fill in, that's find too! 

  3. The only thing we cannot offer with this package is quick turnaround.  We ask that all content be turned in by a certain time of the month and that we schedule content out for a month out by a certain time of the month.  So, if Client knows they would like a post scheduled say, July 1st, Client needs to have their content sent to use by June 25th, for example.  We will then make sure it’s scheduled by June 30th.  If Client waits to send us content after June 25th, it will not be scheduled to post until the following month, again, for example. 

  4. If Clients finds themselves in a situation where they need content posted quickly, we defiantly can do that too, but we will track our time and bill additional time at the end of the month.  Hourly rates are $55/hour.

  5. Please understand that if you purchase the Online Directory Package, it does not include directory posting.

  6. We do not offer less than 1 hour paid + 1 hour free (a total of 2, but billed at 1) per month with this service.

  7. We go into a 6-month commitment so we can honor the 10% discount.  As time goes on and we discover that our Client would like less or more hours per month, we can defiantly alter the hours before the 6 months is up as long as you have 2 hours each month being billed.


Social Media Posts/Interaction (A maintenance package)

HOURS: 3 Hours/Mo.



  1. This package is different than the “Social Media Posts Scheduled” because it’s less personal and more of a maintenance package.  This package is just as important though! 

  2. Sometimes this package is better than the other for different reasons.  In some cases, we suggest doing them both.

  3. This package will include about 5-10 minutes each day where the Contractor will go in and interact how they see fit and “Share”, “Like”, “Heart”, etc.… They may even comment back to Followers if the situation is appropriate for them to do so (this is something the Client and Contractor will need to determine together).

  4. The Contractor will not generate their own content, nor will they post content on the Client’s behalf–unless it's a shared post or story.

  5. It doesn’t matter which platforms the Client would like the Contractor to monitor, as long as the Contractor doesn’t exceed their allotted time.




Custom websites are created and managed to fit your needs, not ours! Designed and built with you in mind, your new website will have everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

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