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Let's break things down. Your new custom website will be one of a kind, that's for sure... But, rest assured knowing HWD will never try and sell you something you don't need.


Does your website need completely re-designed or setup or can your site be migrated?  Or, do you need a custom coded website or App developed?


Do you know what kind of Hosting Plan you need?  Do you know what kind of Hosting Plans are available?


Do you already own your domain or do you need a new one?  What privacy settings are you looking for?


Do you have a professional email?  Will you require more than one professional email?  Do you want HWD to host your emails?

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 Is your business listed online in more than the basic places (Google, Facebook)?  Do you make updates to your business listings often, such as hours, special products, more?  Do you have more than 1 location? Do you need better SEO?  Do you know how important SEO is?


Speaking of SEO, how important is this to you?  Did you know that just because you have a website online doesn't mean you will get found online?  SEO is the #1 important thing to remember when it comes to an online presence.  If you don't know what SEO is, please visit our Terms Page.




We LOVE managing clients websites and don't limit ourselves to just sites we create.  Will you need management options?  What about scheduled maintenance and yearly SEO checks?  Did you know that we save our clients money each month when they go into our management program?


If you have a WordPress site do you know what Plug-ins you will need?  Do you know which Theme you want?  If you have a WIX site, do you now which Apps you want?  Writing content and proofing content is extremely important.  Will you be providing your own content or would you prefer we write it?

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Advertisement Management (PPCs & More), Analytics, Content Management, Graphic Design, In-Depth Analysis, Photography, PPC Advertisements, Training, Technical Support, Blog Posts, Email Newsletter Blasts, Mailing Services, Social Media Services, Branding, Printing, Email Newsletters/Templates, and Ad Creation



Custom websites are created and managed to fit your needs, not ours! Designed and built with you in mind, your new website will have everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

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