Social Media URLs vs. Social Media Titles–How to choose the right one!

Updated: Apr 23

Let’s pretend your name is Jane Doe and you are running for State Representative and let’s start with setting up your Facebook Business Page (FB).

There is the actual name of your FB, and let's say you really want it to be “Jane Doe for State Representative”. No problem! Then, there is also a URL/@ that is at the top of the browser and this is the link to your actual FB. If you want the name of your FB to be the same as your URL, then in this case, you would expect your URL to be this: www.facebook/com/JaneDowforStateRepresentative/. It will also show up under your name as @JaneDoeforStateRepresentative.

So, the name of Facebook vs. the actual URL are two different things. Ideally, URLs are best when they are short. They are also best used when they match from one social Media site to another (Facebook to Twitter to Instagram).

FB names and URL are free!

For instance; if your FB URL is in fact @JaneDoeforStateRepresentative, then if you are wanting to set up a Twitter account, it’s ideal for it to also be @JaneDoeforStateRepresentative. ESPECIALLY if it’s so long because when you market it, you are definitely not going to want to list that twice.

There is nothing wrong with your Facebook name being “Jane Doe for State Representative” while your URL is something like @VoteJaneDow, however. In fact, it would be better just because the later was so long. It’s a game of what’s available here and what’s available ether, vs. what is easy for people to type out or search, etc.

It’s good to know now if you are going to use a personal email or professional as that determine what kind of social media URL you need as well. You will need an email, either personal or business (learn the pros and cons of a personal vs. business email here). I would not advise to getting a personal email that is, etc. for your free email because it is just too long for people to type out.

If you decide to do a business email it MUST have the ending the same as the domain. Let’s say you decide is defiantly out for the website URL and you would rather use a smaller domain/URL such as In fact, I'd avoid having your website domain be because you have to think about your political signs, your business cards, and things you will list this domain on. Anyway, that means your email must end with–like this; or

If you have any questions about social media names vs. social media URLs/@ or website domains and emails, just let me know!

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