Spam Policy

Thank you for reaching out to us.  

Unfortunately, you have been directed to our Spam Policy because you have sent us an email or a text message that is considered to be phishing and spam, so we have to respond in a different way.  

To weed out the spammers (as we hope you understand), we must get right to it and tell you that we do not accept credit cards until you have been an established client of ours.  We also strictly work with local businesses–clients we can physically meet in person if we needed to.  If you prefer to chat via virtual this first time around, we can accommodate.

Please do NOT reply to the email you sent or the text you sent until we have conducted a face to face meeting or a virtual meeting moving forward.  We will NOT conduct any further correspondence with you via this email or our phone line until after our meeting and the steps below have been completed.

Again, we hope you understand our reasoning as we get spam emails and texters daily and we must ensure our business and its employees are not being taken advantage of.

The next steps are as follows:

Step 1:

We ask that you please fill out BOTH of these forms:

Step 2:

Once BOTH of those forms are filled out, you will need to schedule a paid meeting with us.

To schedule a physical meeting at our office located in Hillsdale, MI please follow this link here and you will get notification of where our office is.  Please bring a check along with you to our meeting. All checks need to be made out to Hillsdale Web Design.

To schedule a virtual meeting with Zoom, please follow this link here You will need to mail in a check prior to the meeting, so schedule out in advance to accommodate. All checks need to be made out to Hillsdale Web Design. Our mailing address can be found at our Billing Policy page here

We understand this is intensive but due to the nature of your email or text, it triggered this type of response and we must follow through with it.

We hope you are NOT a spammer and in fact are genuinely reaching out for our services and we hope to see your forms and scheduled appointment come in soon.

Take care,

Hillsdale Web Design Staff.

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