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I'm looking for my next opportunity to make an impact.  The digital way.

This is me

I get to be creative and express myself through imagery every time I work with a client. Whether it’s through photography, web design, or graphic design, each day is new and exciting. I love learning new techniques–I never want to fall behind the times. I have a drive to succeed and always strive for the best. With an eye for detail, I’ll be thorough with your projects, and provide you and your clients top notch customer service!

Content Strategy

Creative Solutions

Campaign Management

Branding & Design

Social Media

I create powerful websites backed by individualized marketing strategies.

As an entrepreneur and the owner of Hillsdale Marketing Group and Hillsdale Web Design located in Hillsdale, Michigan, I get to work locally with clients who care about their brand both offline and on. Having been a graphic designer and printer for local businesses since 2009 and expanding my skills from 2011 to 2014 as a multimedia designer, I’ve always had the opportunity to be creative.

Through the process of starting Hillsdale Web Design, I saw that I excelled at helping my clients plan and curate strategic marketing plans for whatever project I was working on. Around 2016, not only was I focusing on their brand as a whole and their online presence, I was also helping them ensure their spending dollar was being put to good use. That’s when Hillsdale Marketing Group (HM Group) started to come alive.

In 2018, myself and 3 other talented ladies started HM Group! Sarah Gray, Christine Bowman, and Connie Sexton all bring a key element to Hillsdale Marketing Group and ties everything we do together nicely–it’s what sets us apart! Each day is new and exciting, and I still get to express myself through imagery every time I work with a client.

With my drive to succeed and my strive for self-improvement, I will never fall behind the times as I continue to teach myself new techniques and drive my businesses. With an eye for detail and a passion for design, I’ll be thorough with any project I'm working on for you and your business. With a deep and developed skill in understanding an online presence, I’ll make sure your business is seen everywhere your customers are looking. And with my experience in networking with local businesses for over 10 years, I’ll make sure your marketing budget stays the course as I know the pressures in running a small business.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and your business soon!

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