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Hillsdale Web Design offers its client's a one-stop shop for maintaining overall brand and online presence without having to break the bank or skimp on important features.

A solution to managing your online presence through responsive websites, branded marketing, and digital knowledge.


A. HONEY (Amanda Honeywell)

Chief Everything Officer



Amanda gets to be creative and express herself through imagery every time she works with a client. Whether it’s through photography, web design, or graphic design, each day is new and exciting! She loves learning new techniques and never wants to fall 'behind the times'. She has a drive to succeed with an eye for detail. She's thorough with her designs, and offers exceptional customer service!


c: 517-320-2543

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Content Strategist

Sarah has had the opportunity to pursue her passion for journalism and public relations for almost 20 years. She loves learning more about this community which she has lived since 2013 and helping its businesses and community members grow and succeed through the written word. She knows there are many “hidden gems” throughout southern Michigan and believes every person and business has a story. She wants to tell yours!


c: 517.331.1072




Web Design/Client Acquisition

Web Design has been a passion for Tim for the past 12 years. Tim loves to work with clients and get them exactly what they are looking for, while making sure that the design is going to represent his clients and attract customers to their websites. Tim views his clients more as friends than customers and enjoys building relationships that are authentic and long-lasting. His interest in photography, web design and client acquisition are evident in his work and personality. He analyzes trends as to what is working and not working for his clients and suggests changes when needed. You will appreciate his ability to get the job done. If you are seeking to create a unique visual appeal, we guarantee precision and deliver solutions that will place you steps ahead of your competition.


c: 419.553.0491



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Custom websites are created and managed to fit your needs, not ours! Designed and built with you in mind, your new website will have everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

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