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Specialty: Informational & website videos for businesses, training videos, documentaries, independent features


Skills: Video/TV Producer, cameraman, editor, director, writer. Expert on informational videos, testimonials, independent documentary and feature filmmaking. 


Film/Video Production Experience: 35 years professional experience shooting/editing/ producer/director in New York City & Detroit Metro, from image videos to corporate to “how to” to fashion runway, commercials, feature films and health-related PBS broadcast documentaries. I know the full gamut of production. Produced over a dozen features and six documentaries and over a dozen features since 1990.


Education: 1987: BA in Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, GPA 3.8

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Work History


Brimstone Media Productions, LLC (1992-Present) Owner/producer of a video production company which creates/produces commercials, profile pieces, documentaries, independent features and informational videos. Clients include Saturn Electronics & Engineering, CGI Communications, Glass Planet Industries, Lighthouse International, (2012-2016), Party Stanley Furniture, Carolina Rustica Furniture. Produced six documentaries broadcast on PBS (2001-2013) and over a dozen independent features distributed worldwide (1995-2002), informational/website videos for Josh’s Frogs, The Family Puppy, Advanced Orthopedic Specialists in Brighton (Stem Cells), The Dental Advisor, Oikos Tree Orchard,


Documentaries: There & Back: Interviews with Near-Death Experiences (1998), Caring for the Caregivers: Living with Cancer (2000), But You Look So Well: Living with MS (2001), But You Still Look So Well: Living with Multiple Sclerosis (2005), The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey (2006), “I’m Not Nuts” Living with Food Allergies (2010), The Life of Death (2013)


B Productions, Inc. New York City. (1989-1997) Full-time staff (1989-1997) for a production company that works for the various NYC fashion companies (Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, et cetera). Responsibilities included: editing, camera and production, office manager, equipment manager, production manager, Intern supervisor


Freelance: (1997-2010) Editor for “Fashion Week” videos, twice yearly. Edited thousands of fashion show and fashion videos since ’90-2010, from Donna Karan to Calvin Klein to Baby Phat to Betsy Johnson, et cetera, all for television broadcast.


Teaching Experience LEARNING ANNEX, New York City (2000) Taught several seminars on independent filmmaking. 

Local Commercials

Testimonial Vidoes

Documentaries on Amazon Prime


Life With Multiple Sclerosis

Three people who have Multiple Sclerosis are interviewed describing how they have learned to live with the disease.

Solanus Casey: The Healing Prophet

Solanus Casey might very well become the first American born Saint. He was a beloved Capuchin Friar who many believe had the ability to heal the sick and prophesize the future. Within this documentary are stories of how Solanus' prayers made miracles happen.

More Life With Multiple Sclerosis

This documentary revisits three people who have Multiple Sclerosis and how they have learned to live and cope with the disease.

Living With Food Allergies

An in-depth documentary about food and nut allergies, the possible causes, and how to live and diet with these conditions.

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