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 We try to answer all of the questions we've been asked from pricing to setup and more. 

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I already own a similar domain; do I need another?

The answer is pretty simple, you will get more exposure for your website and will bring in more clients, thus it will pay itself within a short amount of time. A similar domain name will protect your brand and online identity not allowing your competitors to draw customers from you. Another domain name can also help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and impact your online marketing.

If I have multiple domains do, I need more than one website?

No. You can simply redirect natural type-in traffic from the new domain to your existing website. It's a quick and simple process just change the nameservers to point your existing website. We will gladly do this for you just give us a call.

Does having multiple domains reduce the change of competition?

Quite often people only remember the name of the company but not the name of the actual website. Having multiple domains centered around your name and business increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not the competition.

Do I need a new hosting account for the new domain?

No. All you have to do is change the nameservers so that they point to your existing website or give us a call and we will do it for you.

Is this a one-time payment?

Once your year expires you will have to renew your domain with your registrar.

But my domain name and business are trademarked so why do I need to purchase additional protection?

This does not really prevent other people from using unregistered versions of your trademark for other legal or illegal reasons. A good example is, a trademark just for your branch in the industry and quite often just for your region of the world. Defensive registering will help protect your brand and business.

It appears the only way to access the site is to type the domain name into the address bar.  Friends of our have noted they cannot find the site, and it appears, although we may very well be wrong, it is because they use a search engine and none of them recognize the site.  That is the result when I search for the site on my phone, and the result my wife gets when she searches on her computer or phone.  Is that just how it works at this point?

If you have not invested in SEO than yes, your domain will not show up without having to actually type in word-for-word your domain into the search engine you are using unless you invest in SEO, online marketing, and or our Directory Listing Program, you will not be seen organically. And, unless we setup a Google, Bing and Yahoo Business listing (which means they will know your physical location–which you can later "hide"), you will not show up locally. No, it’s not because of how particular search engines work (well somewhat, if you haven’t set up your Bing than, well, you may not show up as easily if you are banking on local searches and the same goes for Google and Yahoo). It’s simply because your website is what we call an “invite only” website. If you have invested in SEO and listings, etc. than something is wrong with how your SEO is communicating and you will need to hire a professional online marketing business (like us) to fix the issue(s).

General Questions

What kind of money back guarantee do you give?

If you are unhappy with our service for any reason you can ask for your money back in full within 14 days of purchase. If we can push your domain back to the Registrar, we will refund you in full.

Do you offer support?

I want to own my own site, to have the rights to it so that when I want to leave, I can take my site with me and have it hosted anywhere I want.  I do not want to be held to a contract or have my site “held hostage” in any way.  Is that possible?

Absolutely! We completely understand where you are coming from. Nothing sucks more than being told later that you cannot have what you invested in. Before we explain further, however, it’s important to understand the two major design programs we use to create your website with. 1) WordPress – you can have backup files anytime you want. 2) Wix – you cannot transfer files outside of a Wix site. Here at HWD, we would never hold your site hostage. If you want full owner/admin rights to any site we setup and create, and/or host, at any time, we will release it to you. You are the "owners" of all of your domains, emails, hosts, etc. even if we originally obtain them on your behalf. That's just how we choose to do business with our neighbors and friends! We will never sell your domain from under you, we never upcharge above industry standards, and we never pretend updates are needed if they are not. That said, we do ask that your yearly commitment be fulfilled. If you pull before your year is up, we ask that you pay for the remember of the year and once you do, we release your files. If you have paid upfront, we do not reimburse for the remaining cycle. If you are month-to-month, paying a little more for the feature, then at the end of the month, we stop our services and release your site. How it Works: With WordPress, we’d send you backup files, but we cannot guarantee your plugins, apps, custom coded features, and more will transfer to wherever it is you will be hosting them with next. With Wix, you’d have to create a login account and take over the hosting fees and app fees on your own under that account. All of your Wix apps, databases, custom codes, etc. would be intact. Please Note: Hillsdale Web Design only services website maintenance, management, and updates to websites we host, or, to clients who go into a monthly commitment for continuous website management and/or updates. Hillsdale Marketing Group (our partners) go into a separate agreement for their services. Exporting or Embedding Your Wix Site Elsewhere. Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix's servers, and cannot be exported elsewhere. Specifically, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI, to another external destination or host.

What does “Client Feature of the Month” mean exactly?

When we showcase your business as our "Client Feature" for a particular month, here is what we do; We start with a business portfolio listing on our website, which can be found by visiting our website at and clicking on your business (once it’s live of course). We ask you some questions and fill in your answers. We use your logo and a little bit of imagery. We highlight what we provided your business (what services and products you hired us for) and also offer you a section to showcase what’s new with your business! If there is anything new going on that you want to share with the world, we also write you a press release at no charge and share it to our media contacts, including local news stations, community leaders, and more. We then take that press release (after you approve it) and share a post to our business Facebook page which can be followed at We will tag your business. We “Pin” this post to the top of our newsfeed for a bit. We also boost this post. We do not charge to boost or advertise your listings. This is also on us! Once we have your business listing on our website ready to showcase, we put a call to action to the listing on our homepage and then we run Facebook ads to promote that page we set up. We encourage you to update your website prior to reflect your press release (and of course, we can always help) or anything you want to promote, so that we can make sure to direct our viewers to your site prior to our Facebook ads going live. We also encourage you to share the press release to your followers and promote it anyway you desire (again, we are here to help you with that)!

Do you require money up front?

All set up fees require half payment upfront and final payment immediately after.

Website Setup

Will my site be mobile friendly?

All HWD websites when created from scratch are mobile friendly and responsive.

Do you offer support?

After your site is live, if you decide to make website content updates yourself, we offer email and phone support at no additional charge for 30 days after the site is released to you. Then, anytime you need support after, we are happy to help, just let us know!

Can my website be as little or as large as I want?

Yes! You can have as few pages or as many pages as you need. The important thing to make note of here is this: A 20-page website that is not backed by SEO can be less expensive than a 5-page website where SEO is the main focus. And, the same goes for content; a 20-page website where content is provided can be less expensive than a 5-page website where we generate content on your behalf.

Why does SEO and Content effect my overall website setup cost?

SEO, content and websites go hand in hand as does SEO, content and advertising. You can have a website set up for you without investing in SEO or custom content. But, just having a website does not mean organic clients will find you. However, you cannot run a business in this day and age without a website. It’s a necessary evil. The good news is we can always add SEO and content services down the road!

I need a site FAST!  Can you help?

Yes! You can have as few pages or as many pages as you need. The important thing to make note of here are these: ​A 20-page website that is not backed by SEO can turn around faster than a 5-page website where SEO is the main focus. And, the same goes for content; a 20-page website where content is provided can be turned around faster than a 5-page website where we generate content on your behalf. A WordPress site can take up to, if not longer than, 3Xs as long to create than a Wix website. We’ve had clients who really wanted a WordPress site but were unable to wait for the turnaround. They had us set them up a Wix website in 2 weeks while we worked on a WordPress behind the scenes for two months. That way they had something to show the world quickly but were still able to get the site they really wanted.

I have an existing site I need recreated because I do not have the backup files and/or my backup files are not compatible with the server or host.

No problem! We look over your site and depending on which program you have us use to create your site with (WordPress or Wix for example) we send you a proposal for estimated hours of labor. If you have us create your site with WordPress, it’s most likely going to need to look a lot different and may function slightly different. If you have us create your site in Wix, it will probably only look slightly different, but may function a lot differently. With either site, you'd need to pay separately for any themes, plugins, apps, custom coding needed, etc. WordPress will have a lot more of these fees which are out of our control and can sometimes be unforeseen going in. WordPress’s themes and plugins are also ever changing and sometimes it’s created (the persons who originally coded it) may stop maintaining and offering it. If this happens, HWD cannot be held responsible and would need to go into a separate agreement to find an alternative solution. “Setup Only for WordPress”: Longer turnaround, Larger Investment, Hourly rates range from $75-$150, Hosting, Themes, Apps, Plug-ins, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately. “Setup Only for Wix”: Faster turnaround, Smaller Investment, Hourly rates range from $45-$150, Hosting, Apps, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately.

Website Hosting

I have a site that is already created, and I want to keep it, but I would like HWD to host it.  Is that something you offer?

Yes. If you already have a website created but would like HWD to take over the host, we are happy to do that for you! Depending on how your site was created determines how we will need to host it. For instance, if your website was coded or custom created and you are able to obtain the backup files, we can usually migrate it (for a one-time fee) and host it for you. If your website was created in WordPress or a website builder such as Weebly or Wix or other, and you have access to its back engine, we can simply login and take over for you! The monthly services for website builders vary from site to site.

I would like a new website created by HWD; will I need it hosted as well?

Yes. If you need a brand-new website created, we can either custom create it with complex code, we can use a CMS platform such as WordPress, or we can use a website builder platform such as WIX, Weebly, GoDaddy or other. The most popular platform that our clients prefer we us use is WIX because it’s faster to set up (which saves you money), more visually appealing (which is great for your brand), and has more options to customize everything from landing pages, pop ups, buttons, call to actions, headers, and so much more. Furthermore, this plan offers our clients the option to log into their site where they can access a mobile app that makes communication with visitors fast and easy, email marketing features, social posting ideas and graphics, video maker tools, and other marketing integrations.

Website builders and CMS’s offer free versions online, so why can’t I just use that?

You can. However, we recommend using their paid services because when you do, you’ll be able to connect your domain, your professional email, you will access to all the bells and whistles, and if you are trying to take your business seriously, you have to present a serious business to the world! If your domain isn’t connected, you’ll have a hard time with this.

I see you are up charging for your plans, where I could just go directly to the source and pay what they charge instead.  Why is this?

The short answer is; we are running a business and every company who wants to remain open, needs to upcharge for resold items. We upcharge at the lowest rate in the industry! The long answer is; we make sure your website doesn't lapse at renewal time and we make sure your site stays up to date on important features, therefore we need to charge for our time and knowledge in an industry that can be difficult to navigate to someone who doesn’t live and breathe it.

Which site should I choose, a WordPress or Wix site?

The reason you may want a WordPress site vs. a Wix site is solely based on wanting to have 100% free range to transfer your site from one server to another and for 100% responsiveness or you may “rest easy” knowing your site was made in a more "traditional" way when you go with WordPress. Otherwise, 9Xs out of 10, a Wix site is the way to go! WordPress sites are custom coded themes that need to be purchased, sometimes outside of the site itself with plugins that need to be purchased, sometimes in multiple areas of the site. So, unless we custom code your site when a WordPress plugin or theme stops being updated and maintained (it gets outdated) you will be responsible to pay for upgrades. WordPress sites are always being upgraded and costs of plugins and themes are always an added expense that cannot be helped. Wix sites are really awesome hosting sites (for several reasons) that we are proficient and fast in and can offer good rates for. If you get to the point where you need to really make your site custom and it starts to get 100+ pages, etc... Wix can still accommodate wonderfully! In fact, we have a medical billing company that utilizes custom code add-in features, custom calculators, database features, and more. They would have paid $25k+ for this custom coded site normally, but we were able to do it for $4k in Wix without having to use costly plugins. Creating this type of site in WordPress would have run closer to the $10-15k due to the turnaround constraints, themes, and plugins, etc.

I want a WordPress site and I want you to set it up and create it.  However, I want to host it myself.

Setup Only for WordPress has longer turnaround, a larger Investment and Hosting, Themes, Apps, Plug-ins, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately. For the hosting portion: We are happy to help! We can tell you as we build what YOUR cost is 100% to be paid to WordPress as we build. However, Hillsdale Web Design only services website maintenance, management, and updates to websites we host, or, to clients who go into a monthly commitment for continuous website management and/or updates. Hillsdale Marketing Group (our partners) go into a separate agreement for their services. You would also be responsible for paying your site host and added fees on time each year. It is important to note that WordPress sites will face the need to be upgraded at some point. It's inevitable. If the update is a maintenance issue, remember, HWD does not service this unless the site is hosting with us or you are a Continuous HWD Client.

I want a WordPress site and I want you to set it up and create it.  I also want you to host it!

Setup Only for WordPress has longer turnaround, a larger Investment and Hosting, Themes, Apps, Plug-ins, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately. For the hosting portion: We mark up our costs of goods sold at industry standards and never over charge! Typically, hosted WordPress sites are $30-60/month IF they can be hosted on a server outside of If they have to be hosted on because of how they are created, monthly host fees range too much to list, please ask for a custom quote. This markup allows you access to our a la carte website updates, maintenance services, and management options of your choosing. (see our section about “Being Held Hostage” to learn about how we offer hosting services.) We check your themes, plugins, etc. yearly to see if they need updates. If they do, which again is something WordPress is famous for, if it's a simple maintenance fix, we fix it at no charge. If it a more in-depth fix, we go into a separate labored hourly agreement.

I want a Wix site and I want you to set it up and create it.  However, I want to host it myself.

  • Setup Only for Wix has faster turnaround, a smaller investment and Hosting, Apps, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately. For the hosting portion: Hosting is different with Wix. It's not on a server, you can’t move it (see below), you'd basically have an account with them, and you'd pay whatever they charge for the site you want. However, Hillsdale Web Design only services website maintenance, management, and updates to websites we host, or, to clients who go into a monthly commitment for continuous website management and/or updates. Hillsdale Marketing Group (our partners) go into a separate agreement for their services. You would also be responsible for paying your site host and added fees on time each year. It is important to note that while Wix sites do require updates, most of the time (not guaranteed) updates are easy and inexpensive, unlike WordPress! Remember, HWD does not service this unless the site is hosting with us or you are a Continuous HWD Client. Exporting or Embedding Your Wix Site Elsewhere, Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix's servers, and cannot be exported elsewhere. Specifically, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI, to another external destination or host.

I want a Wix site and I want you to set it up and create it.  I also want you to host it!

Setup Only for Wix has faster turnaround, a smaller investment and Hosting, Apps, Custom Codes, etc. sold separately. For the hosting portion: We mark up our costs of goods sold at industry standards and never over charge! Typically, hosted Wix sites are $26-103. This markup allows you access to our a la carte website updates, maintenance services, and management options of your choosing. (see our section about “Being Held Hostage” to learn about how we offer hosting services.) We check your apps yearly to see if they need updates, we also make sure your Google My Business and Analytics (if they were installed in setup) are still functioning.

Website Updates

What is the process of updating my website?

If HWD creates your website from scratch, or we host a website builder or WordPress site for you (excluding custom coded sites), you will have access to your website where you will be able to make minor content changes as you need. Of course, we always offer website update packages to all of our clients.

What are the “minor” content changes I can make to my site and why can’t I make more changes if I need to?

Minor content changes mean that you can go into your website and update the text boxes and sections already created and laid out. You can make more changes if you desire, however, if something gets messed up during your changes, and you need HWD to fix them, we will need to bill separately. Otherwise, it is your website to do as you please!

I thought that my website would receive updates included in my monthly purchase.

Unless you go into a separate management program with us, your monthly website charges typically cover the host, domain, and minor yearly maintenance. That aid, you are more than welcome to hire us for website updates! We offer a la carte updates to any site we host. If you go into a continuous monthly agreement, you will receive 10%!

Website Maintenance

Will my website be maintenance?

We include minor hosting maintenance with most of the websites we host, excluding custom coded sites due to their complexity. With host maintenance, Hillsdale Web Design takes a yearly dive into the settings of your host to ensure the following features are connected and working properly (if applicable): overview, subscription(s), payment features, social notifications, roles and permissions and mobile app.


What if I don’t want the program, but I want individualized listings obtained?

The DLP overrides Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, etc.–if we let it. However, there will be times when you may only need one or two listings for certain reasons or, we suggest obtaining additional listings directly outside of the Directory Listing Program. For instance, Google My Business and Facebook are listings we suggest obtaining and managing outside of the DLP. With Google, you may want to consider posting updates on a continuous basis and adding images directly.

Once the listings are set up, can I go in and update them?

Yes! You will have access to any listing we obtain for you where you can go in and update content and images and links as needed. If you are interested in having us manage your listings and update them, great, just let us know.

Online Advertising

I’m interested in Social Media Marketing; can you tell me more about this?

Sure! We partner with Hillsdale Marketing Group where they manage social media and we manage the technical side of things. There are two proven methods the pair of us use to tackle social media marketing: What we call "on-site" social media content creation backed by scheduled posts and mini videos. A combination of blogging with newsletters and social media updates. Learn more about #2 HERE For either method we would need to meet or talk with you over the phone about what your goals are! At any time, you can call us at 517-320-2543 or email

I’m interested in Online Advertisement; can you tell me more about this?

There are several variables to successfully managing online advertising campaigns, so we need to know more about your goals in order to provide a proposal. Here are some of those variables: Reimbursable Paid Ads (RPA). You can spend as little and as much as you'd like on the ad company you choose (Google AdWords/Facebook), so essentially you set your own direct advertisement budget. Throughout the next 6 months, we may suggest spending more or less depending on the results. Though you will be paying HWD for this service and we will manage it, HWD does pay 100% of this directly to the advertisement company and will provide receipts. Graphic Design: In order to make sure your ads are top notch, which is especially needed for Instagram Stories. Traditional or enhanced graphic design options are offered and will need to be billed separately based on what your needs are. Direct Ad/Project Management: Your project manager will develop and execute marketing plans and strategies. This includes planning, implementing and monitoring where your RPSs are being displayed to make sure their performance is doing well. This service is billed separately. Monthly Ad Tracking Analysis: Your ad analysis will track and monitor the analytics of your ads and provide monthly reports to your project manager. This service is billed separately. #Hashtags: If you are using Instagram for marketing, each year and as trends change, our team will reevaluate the hashtags you need in order to properly marketing on this platform. Optional Add-On | Bi-Monthly Facebook Giveaway: We recommend adding a Facebook giveaway bimonthly to start for the product you are wanting to focus on. Your clients love your products and are active on social media. Let’s give them something more to have fun with. This giveaway investment will generate more sales for the products and could prove to be just as effective as paying for ads! Our FB Giveaways are typically run bi-monthly, but any time of commitment can be implemented. You will be responsible for the cost of your actual giveaway itself and see the item is shipped accordingly. We would use some of your RPA funds you set aside to boost these giveaways.

Why is online advertising important?

To successfully market your business online, it's ideal to run online advertisements so you can target your demographic. Targeting demographics and focusing on obtaining direct website sales is offered through Online pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement design and management services. Online advertising is also great for SEO.


What can my email be?

Your email will need to have the same url ending as your domain name. However, the first part (the name before the @ sign) can be whatever you want. For instance, we own the domain If we wanted an email for that domain, it could be or The first part can be whatever you want, and you can change it anytime you need to. The last part must be the domain name.

Should I have a professional email or a free version?  When is a good time to purchase a professional email?

Both methods have many advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to know which is most suitable for your time and purpose. If you are planning to expand your business, you will want to be able to delegate email responsibilities to your team in a professional and controlled manor. If your employees are using free emails to correspond to your company’s clients and between teammates, you will want to maintain control over that email. A departing or disgruntled employee can delete the email they use or change their password and lock you out of that email. Premium emails appear to be professional and legitimate, which can make it easier to build trust with potential customers and partners. Free email accounts are simply not designed for business communication, such as communication with customers, partners or employees. They are also not accepted with third-party applications such as MailChimp or Constant Contacts or SMS software providers. And since email campaigns and business texts are now one of the most commonly used marketing tactics, you’ll defiantly needs a professional email. Lastly, if you are running a campaign and you would like to run ads on Facebook, you are required to use a professional email.

I’m running a political campaign.  Do I really need a professional email?

Donation apps such as ActBlue or DonorBox and the programs needed to accept payment such as PayPall and Stripe, do not require you to have a professional email. However, if you want to run Facebook or Instagram Ads you will need one. If you are going to use MailChimp or Constant Contacts for direct campaigning outside of your website's blog alerts, you will need one. And lastly, if you want to set a level of professionalism because you know you will be communicating via email often, you may want one. Pros: Accomplishing the tasks you need, Having a secure email, Customer support. Cons: Costs money per email/month.

Why not just get an email directly from GSuite or Outlook?

When we manage your emails, we also make sure to service them when something goes down! But more importantly, we make sure they are connected to your host and your domain and update an DNS records for no additional fees which can be pricy if you need them completed a la carte. We take the responsibility of its maintenance; fixing any errors that may occur and we ensure your account doesn't lapse.


What’s the process of creating content for my website?

Content creation includes the actual written word that’s laid out in the headings and paragraphs as well as what is entered in the back engine of the website. At the beginning of our journey, Hillsdale Web Design will meet with you and your team and talk about your business. At that meeting, we will be looking for any collateral you have. Essentially, the more organized you are, the more time and money you will save! While you wait for content to be created, your Web Designer will start to draft your site's structure and can show you a visual of how that will work. Knowing how your site will function is key in content development. Eventually, you'll see your site develop as we add your branded imagery, logo and images, your call to actions, the page headers, titles, paragraphs, images, and so on. You'll receive a call from us as development continues to see if you approve of how your site is being laid out. This is when you will have the time to express any concerns with the site’s design features and functionality as well.

I have some content already, can I share it with you?

Yes! The more content you have the better! However, if your business is new or if you don't have a lot or even none at all, no worries because our Content Strategist can develop content for you.

How will HWD know what to write?

It's important to understand that while we have a professional journalist on staff to research and write content for your website, you are the final say-so when it comes to how you want your business described and showcased Online. If at any time you see content that needs tweaked, please just let us know as we'd rather change the content sooner, rather than later. It's also important to understand that no matter how much explanation you provide in what you offer in services and products, we may need assistance or guidance explaining your industry. We will keep working with you until you are 100% satisfied!

Once my content is created, will I need to change it or have it changed?

Content should be a never ending investment in your business. Content is what Google cares about, it's what your clients care about, and regardless of what is created initially that jumpstarts your site and move it in the right direction, we encourage all of our clients to update their website at least every 6 months or so to stay fresh! Content is the backbone of SEO. It’s not just about what is written on the page or the back-engine of a website , it’s about how it all works together.

Search Engine Optimization

Technical Website Optimization

What is Code Efficiency?

Code Efficiency is an important factor for website optimization and is the efficiency of the code with which the website is developed. Inefficient code that is bloated can slow down a website’s load time and dilutes the code-to-text (on-page-content). When we optimize on-page content, the optimization is better received by Google when the website code is minimized. Google more readily understands the semantic meaning of a page when there is less code. This helps to improve rankings.

What is Website Speed?

Google’s ranking algorithm is continually updated to improve the experience of its users. In addition to delivering accurate results that address a query, Google also factors into its rankings the speed of a website. A faster website provides a superior user experience to a website visitor. All other things being equal, Google will deliver a faster website before a slower site because a visitor will most likely have a better experience with the faster website. Page load times should be below 2.5 seconds.

What is Mobile Responsiveness?

Mobile responsiveness is another important ranking factor and is dependent upon whether a website is responsive, which means that the layout of the website adapts to the type of device being used to view the website. When a website is responsive, it delivers a better user experience. Websites that are not responsive attempt to deliver the entire width of a web page meant for a desktop onto a smartphone or tablet. To make the page fit, the on-page content must be reduced in size, which typically makes the page unviewable. All other things being equal, Google will deliver a mobile responsive website before a non-responsive site.

What is SSL/HTTPS?

Google, like its users, prefers websites that are secure. A website with malware is an extreme example of a poor, unsecured website. Of course, no one wants to infect their computer by visiting a website that is not secure. Google has been steadily increasing the importance of having a secure website by increasing the importance of HTTPS websites over HTTP sites. HTTPS simply means the website is protected with an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer. It is a communications protocol which creates a secure connection between a visitor and a website. Protecting the information entered by a visitor and received by the website is important to Google, therefore, they will rank a website that is SSL protected (https) over a website that is not (http).

What is Technical Website Optimization?

Technical Website Optimization or Tech SEO is the analysis of a website’s technical factors that impact its rankings.

On-Page SEO

What is Page Title and Meta Description?

A web page’s (meta) title and meta description and are critical to SEO rankings for two reasons. First, both should contain your primary keyword(s) to help Google understand the Semantic meaning of your page. Rather than keyword stuffing (old school SEO), use a variation of your keywords. It is best practice to use synonyms, word variations and change the order of words within a keyword phrase. A professional SEO services company will know how to best optimize a website’s page titles and meta descriptions to help Google rankings. The second reason page titles and meta descriptions are important is because they present an opportunity to differentiate your web page result from your competitors. Current SEO best practices consider more recent optimization factors used by Google, which include user engagement metrics like time on site, bounce rate and click-through rate. When Google identifies that one web page is being viewed for a longer period of time and there is more visitor engagement with the website, the likelihood is that page will out-rank pages with lower user metrics. Accurate and intriguing page titles and descriptions help increase click-through rate and reduce bounce-rate.

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation. These type of links are useful for three reasons: They allow users to navigate a website. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website. They help spread link equity (ranking power) around websites.

What are Keyword Clusters?

The first step will be identifying a set of keywords that are related to your business and your site which are commonly used by users when they are looking for similar information, products or services. You’ll want to match content and keyword clusters and once you have identified your keyword clusters, you have to optimize your current or new content to these keyword clusters. This means you place the keywords carefully and strategically within the material. There is an acceptable number of times by search engines to have the keywords, and there are also guidelines that should be followed when inserting the keywords. It is important to have keywords in the content. Keywords are currently one of Google’s most important parameters for linking user search and content. Nowadays, instead of scanning the content and counting the number of keywords used, Google is analyzing it as well as the sub-keywords that interest it. You can look up keyword clusters by visiting one of these locations, and

What are Tag ALT, Tag H1 and URLs?

Keywords use it with related words in these sections. Google has straightforwardly stated in its guide that the amount of content required and ideal for the page depends on the subject and purpose of that page. In short, you have to plan for content creation and create quality and optimized content. Make sure that the content generated is for the users to use and that gives the search engines a positive signal. EXAMPLE:
Experts in Custom Medical Solutions | 365 Medical Billing Services | United Stat
We provide creative solutions to meet our clients where they are…Our team of professionals determine exactly what the needs of our clients are and put together a plan that targets their specific needs… Business Management, Medical Billing and Coding, DME, Private Practice, Start Your Own DME…
Professional Medical Billing Company | 365 MBS | United States
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What are Headers?

Google appreciates (and rewards) web pages that are structured intuitively. The use of headings helps to organize the content on a page. Much like a term paper outline, major topics use more prominent headers. In terms of SEO, these would include H1 and H2 heading tags and would identify more macro ideas. When greater detail is discussed within each overarching topic, these content areas use less prominent headers such as H3 and H4. The proper use of header tags is very important to rankings. SEO service providers know how to optimize and utilize headings to help improve Google rankings.

What is On Page Content?

The content (text) of a web page is critical to the potential ranking for that page. As mentioned above, Google is tracking visitor usage metrics like time on page and bounce-rate. If your professional SEO services company is simply optimizing titles, meta descriptions and headings to improve rankings, these ranking improvements may be short lived. Ultimately, the on-page content must provide value to the visitor. Simply listing services, for example, is boring. When one also includes the benefits or value of those services to the potential customer, the page becomes more relevant to the visitor. When the page is concise, has an appealing layout and uses rich-media (videos, graphics, etc.) that improve visitor engagement, then the rankings improvement has greater staying-power.

What is Relevant and Optimized Content?

The relationship between the content and the link, kind of like the chicken-egg relationship. To have a backlink you need to have content on the website. At the same time, the content of the site also needs a backlink to increase the ranking in the search results. Finally, we will come to the fact that links and content are the backbones of SEO. If you want to rank a Google for your site content, you will definitely need to get backlinks from related websites.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the optimization of visible page elements that affect rankings. On-page SEO is the first step is to optimize your website by carefully matching your site to the requirements of the search engines.

Off-Page SEO

What is Active Social Media?

Having an active social media presence means to have vibrant social media that provides a steady flow of visitors to your website. By having an active presence on social media, users who follow you can quickly check for updates on your sites. The use of social media helps to create brand awareness and the potential for website visitors. The more a website participates in social media, the greater the likelihood of social media users visiting the website. However, this doesn’t mean you should create a social media account for every option out there. If you create one, you should make sure you can manage it. If you have a social media account that is stagnate, take it down. If you know you are not going to be able to manage one in particular, don’t create it in the first place. Among the best indicators of quality content, is the frequency with which content is shared Online. Social media marketing is an excellent way to encourage the sharing of a website’s content.

What is Backlinking?

Backlinking is vital to make your website authoritative. Other than having quality content, another way you can build trust among your readers is having links leading back to content on your website from other sites. It is not easy to achieve this, but it is possible with the right quality of content. As it relates to off-page SEO, Google’s priority is to deliver quality content to its users. To Google, backlinks from one website to another is similar to word-of-mouth referrals. The more referrals (backlinks) a website receives, the more Google deems the website as relevant and, subsequently, the greater a website’s rankings. Because backlinks are critical to domain authority and ranking well, it tends to also be the area with the greatest abuse in terms of Spam. If an SEO agency is not using SEO best practices for link building, they may be focusing simply on the quantity of backlinks. More important to improving rankings, is the quality of backlinks. One good quality backlink from a trusted, authoritative website is better than 10 and, perhaps, even 100 poor quality links. The key to acquiring good-quality backlinks is to provide valuable content on your website that others may reference and wish to share with their website visitors. Read that again, it’s important!

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the implementation of optimization elements not related to the page itself. Off-page SEO techniques help increase a website’s domain authority, which is a measure of a website’s credibility and “ability” to rank well. While on-page SEO positions a website to rank for search terms well by helping search engines understand the Semantic meaning of a website and its web pages, off-page SEO helps increase the authority of a website and Google’s interpretation of what websites should rank ahead of others. In the on-site SEO, all the components required are implemented within the site. In off-site, the elements are implemented on the site but, they are just as essential to the favorable ranking of the page.

Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is another important part of search optimization service a professional SEO company should be offering. Another important part of search optimization services a professional SEO company should be offering are those of Online reputation management. The majority of Internet users find Online reviews helpful in making a purchasing decision. Perhaps the most well-known Online reviews are those from Amazon. Product reviews from actual buyers are very useful to potential customers researching products. Similar to product reviews, company and service reviews are useful to people looking to hire a company to perform services. These types of reviews can both help and hurt an organization. Those companies with favorable reviews will have a greater likelihood of being hired than those with poor reviews. Reputation management services help promote positive reviews while mitigating negative reviews. An important part of SEO agency services is to help clients respond favorable to Online reviews.

What kinds of reputation management options are available?

There are several kinds of reputation management options available You can manage blog posts with well thought-out content. You can be accessible and responsive on review sites. You can interact on forums such as Reddit or Quara. Or manage or join Facebook Groups. Whatever you decide to do (one of all) be sure to make sure everywhere you are listing Online is accurate and consistent. For example, you don’t want your business listing on Yelp to have an incorrect phone number or your hours to be wrong on Google. You should consider taking advantage of a directory listing program. We offer this service which seamlessly manages 100+ directory listings all at once such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook and so much more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM services are a form of Internet or digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. There is a strong correlation between the number of impressions a company receives and acquiring new business. As Internet users become more familiar with a brand and their website, we see an increase in activity to and engagement with a business’ website. Search marketing helps to increase brand awareness, website traffic and conversion rate. SEM may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.

User Experience

What is User Experience?

Users have an undeniable role in understanding your website from search engines. Unfortunately, the user experience is dependent on many factors and its evaluation is very complex. Finding a vacuum from a user experience point of view is a very difficult challenge. Therefore, many professionals avoid dealing with this issue. So, if you are looking for SEO based on the latest methods, you should pay close attention to the user experience. You can outsource the design and creation of different parts of the site, but you should also pay attention to the following: Make sure the presence of the user and CTR (Click-through Rate) are high and the bounce rate on the opposite side is low. Although these signals were once very powerful, Google today does not use them as a direct factor. However, optimizing the site does not hurt the user engagement and can even help indirectly.

Improve Site Structure

How do you Improve Site Structure?

The key point is that search engines can monitor your website well and users can easily find the pages they want.

What is Optimize Website Speed?

Whatever your website platform, your website should eventually load in three to four seconds. Compressing images, optimizing code and site structure, and selecting the most appropriate server can help a lot.

How to do you Track the Customer’s Journey?

Since SEO is moving towards user satisfaction, you need to be more careful about the user experience. In other words, your goal should be higher conversion rates and not more traffic.

What is UX Design?

Focusing on users is likely to become even more important in the future, as Google is becoming smarter, with user satisfaction topping the search engine. In this regard, it is better to at least discuss the basics of UX Design. In short, today’s user experience optimization has become one of the fundamental parts of SEO.

Mobile SEO

What is Mobile SEO?

Google finally decided to use the mobile-first index to get sites ranked on all devices, so we need to optimize our website for this update. Although Google’s decision on this seems quite reasonable (currently more than half of Internet traffic crosses the mobile platform), optimizing the site in a way that works well on both mobile devices and desktops is by no means easy. To get started, you need to redirect your website design to a responsive one, as Google has suggested.

Voice Search

What is Voice Search?

Fifty five percent of American teens and forty one percent of American adults use voice search. Although we do not believe that voice search will revolutionize SEO in the near future, users seem to love it. According to Google, over twenty percent of searches on mobile devices are audio According to the information outlined, it makes perfect sense to optimize our website for voice search. In particular, you can follow the steps below: Optimize content using users’ natural language and answer their questions. Although voice search is not a necessity right now, the optimizations associated with this issue seem to make sense. Voice search optimization can help your website see more in search results.

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