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We offer maintenance for everything! That said, it’s important to understand that website maintenance is different than website updates and management. It’s also a different service from the host to the domain, to your email, and so on.

Host Maintenance: If we are your host provider, whenever you need it, we will dive into your settings to ensure everything is connected and working properly. Some of those settings are making sure the payment features are working, making sure your social platforms are still connected, fixing any glitches or errors caused by the host, checking notifications, roles and permissions, the mobile app and so on.

Back Engine Maintenance: When we set up your site initially, we make sure your address is set up, the favicon is set up, we make sure to set up your logo and business description on the back engine, we tell the host which payment types you accept and more. However, if you require back engine updates any time after, we are happy to work with you on that at a separate rate!

Maintenance of Applications, Databases, Themes, Plugins, etc.: When we set up your site initially, we make sure your applications, database, themes, plugins, etc. are set up and working properly. If you require updates on these add-ons any time after, we are happy to work with you on that!

Tech & Maintenance

Not looking for Maintenance but are interested in computer help or software services?

Computer Help

Through our partner, Don’t Panic Computer Repair, LLC (DPCR), we offer computer services such as repair, upgrades, technical support, custom buildouts, and so much more. You can get ahold of our staff here or you can check out DPCR’s Facebook Business Page here.

Software Support

If you are an Exclusive Client, we offer software and program support à la carte! We are diverse in 100s of programs and with our ingenuity to learn and grow, 9xs out of 10, our staff will be able to help you understand and navigate any software or program.

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