I need social media, email campaigns, and/or blogging information

Social Media, Campaigns, and Blogs

The right content for your website and social media accounts, your email newsletters and campaigns, and your blog or informational website will generate more leads to your business.

Social Media, Campaigns, and Blogs

Below we will discuss all 3 in detail–how HWD helps your business grow with the written word.

Social Network Marketing

Social networking is using your free profiles for your business to promote users’ trust and increase site credibility. Planning promotional and advertising campaigns help generate traffic and interest in your business and/or product. Instead of posting random content without concept, we help manage your social media sites by displaying product information, ads, photos, and business updates to your target audience. We use software to help save us time and your money for scheduling post that specifically target your audience. We also have special tools to help us track keywords your customers use about your products. We take our service here one step further though! We back it with exceptional graphic design skills and can even bundle it with our Mini-Marketing Video Service. This is essential for when you advertise on Instagram because no one wants to see a poorly designed image.

Email/Campaign Marketing

Email Marketing is when you send helpful messages to eligible recipients who want to get information from you...You know how you get emails from companies or organizations where they send updates?  That’s what we’re talking about here! Popular platforms are MailChimp and Constant Contacts. MailChimp is free, Constant Contacts is not. You’d have to either set up newsletters yourself in the program or you can hire us to do them. Key features include creation and graphic design, email marketing plan, and campaign completion from start to finish. Our focus is to drive revenue for your working strategic business objectives. Need help targeting your audience?  We can help you define campaign objectives, target your audience and implement strategies that identify the optimum marketing mix of deliverables. Email campaigns play a significant role in your business. Planning promotional campaigns help generate traffic and interest in your business and/or product. We have the tools necessary to implement effective email marketing solutions.

Blogging: You have information to share to the world and you want to share it the right way, right? Information that comes directly from your website is going to significantly improve your SEO and online presence. But what if you don’t have information to share specifically but are still interested in generating content for your site? Well, we have you covered! Our partner, Hillsdale Marketing Group, along with their Content Strategist, Sarah Gray, are skilled at writing custom articles that target your audience.  

Learn more about how we attract the clients you want and set yourself apart from your competitors here.

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