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Exclusive Client

Take advantage of everything we offer + everything our partners, Hillsdale Marketing Group offer!

By investing monthly on a continuous basis of at least 6 months, you will be eligible to utilize all of the à la carte services and products offered by our team here at Hillsdale Web Design (HWD) but also from our partners, Hillsdale Marketing Group (HMG)! You will also receive discounts on some of our services and products.  We like to call this our Exclusive Client (EC) list. By becoming an EC, you will rest easy knowing you have a Project Manager at the ready who's first priortiy are your needs.  

Exclusive Client

Become an Exclusive Client today and start saving your time and your money!

You can become an EC one of two ways; By having us host your website on a yearly basis and/or by investing a minimum of $150 each month for at least 6 months in services (products sold separately).

Hosting ranges from $31 (on the lowest end of options) to $103 a month or more (on the higher end).  When you host your website with us, we ensure its general maintenance is up to date each year, including minor SEO.  As a hosting client, you will have access to most of the services offered by both Hillsdale Web Design and Hillsdale Marketing Group.

Continuous services are broken down into hourly rates–whatever you want to hire us for.  We can stick to exact types of services or we can take restrictions off and service anything you need, when you need it!  It just depends on your budget.  Hourly rates are discounted 10% and we also throw in additional hours each month, again depending on how much you invest monthly.

To give you a sense of how our Exclusive Clients receive services from us, here are a few examples of what we offer Paige Capo and Lake Erie Inflatables.

Paige Capo has X amount of money they want to invest each month on advertising costs, website updates, social media posts and management, advertisement management, overall project management and planning, and a variety of other services that fall under marketing, branding, and design (Multimedia). Because Paige is in a situation where they really just need everything we offer and don’t want to be limited by what they can ask for, we have set them up so that there are no questions are asked! Whatever they need, we do.  We take away what they spend directly on advertisements (as ad costs such as Google AdWords and Facebook go 100% directly to those sites), which leaves our hourly budget for the month.  As we go through our budget, we keep Paige up to date so that if they want to bump it up in a particular month, they are completely covered!  Paige receives 10% off normal rates as well as 1 free hour each month for being an Exclusive Client.

Lake Erie Inflatables also has X amount of money they invest each month, but they want all of our hours to be focused on 1 of 2 things; social media posting and website updates. If there are not any website updates for a particular month, we add those hours to the social media posting. LE Inflatables receives 10% off normal rates as well as 1 free hour each month for being an Exclusive Client.

Again, Exclusive Clients are able to take advantage of all of our services and products along with our partners, Hillsdale Marketing Group (HMG). If you are interested in knowing all of HMG’s services, check out their online brochure here.

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