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Marketing Videos

  • With this package you will receive one (1) three-minute video showcasing your business, staff, clients and/or products.

  • The video would be professionally created by Kevin Lindenmuth, who has more than 35 years professional experience shooting and editing videos for businesses.

  • Kevin would come to you to shoot for either a half day or full day, depending on the nature of the video. He will also edit the footage to create a professional and personalized three-minute video.

  • Your investment: $550 for a full-day shoot for a three-minute video, $350 for a half day shoot for a three-minute video.  

  • In addition, the editing process is billed at $65 per hour.  A three-minute video would take no more than 5 hours to edit, depending on how complicated/how many images, at a final amount of $325.

Mini Videos (optional add on)

  • This service allows your business to be featured in fun, short 30 second videos that can be placed on your business’s website and/or social media page.

  • Hillsdale Marketing Group will take portions of your professional three-minute video and create 30 second call-to-action mini videos that will grab customer’s attention and direct them to targeted areas of your business.

  • Links to sample videos are available upon request.

  • Your investment: $80 per 30 second video

Marketing Strategy Plan (optional add on)

  • Hillsdale Marketing Group will come to you to discuss plans you have for your business and the direction you would like to go.

  • We will then take this information and create a Marketing Strategy Plan to move your business forward.

  • The written proposal will give a detailed plan of how to best promote your business and what avenues are most likely to get your business the best return on investment.

  • Once a plan is in place, Hillsdale Marketing Group can help to put that plan into action.

  • Your investment: $440 for in-person meeting and Marketing Strategy Plan

In Closing


  • It’s always best to decide to do more than 1 video at a time because while Kevin is at your location, he can shoot more than 1 video at a time. 

  • That being said, a three-minute video would be around $1,395. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any information contained herein.


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