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Hillsdale Web Design, CSexton Designs, Gray Matters, Community Vision, A. Honey Creations, LLC, A. Honey Photography, A. Honey Designs

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Elevator Pitch

When you become an EC you will be provided customized services and products, including specific strategy plans¬–updated regularly–and the tools to successfully brand and market your business (with our help of course) all while staying within your budget.

Short Description

Creating individualized marketing and advertising strategies for businesses and organizations so their brand message, and marketing budget, stay on target.

Long Description

Hillsdale Marketing Group offers business development tools and services including advertisements, branding and logo design, print collateral, professional online business listings, commercial photography, digital marketing, graphic design, web packages (Visit HWDs Site) and services, content writing and more!

What Sets Us Apart–Our Distinguishing Service/Product

We are locally owned and operated and only offer services and products to a handful of local businesses to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible care and attention.

Core Values

We were was fed up with corporate businesses offering marketing solutions to local businesses who lost the basics of offering one-on-one custom care. We are not just out to sell you something. We value a good night’s sleep and would rather do right by our clients than watch our profits grow.

Mission & Vision Statement

To provide local businesses everything they need to make sure their company’s brand, time, and money are being used to its full potential, all while working cohesively.

Our Promise

We promise to never be a pushy salesperson, to never nickel and dime you, to be your friend first, then your diligent and thorough contractor after. We promise to care about the bigger picture and do what’s right for your business, always.


At Hillsdale Marketing Group, we are passionate, we are caring, and we understand the importance of individuality—knowing that businesses need a partner who can help them every step of the way, day in and day out.

Rules We Live By

We will never create an image, video, use fonts, or conduct business that does not follow our brand!
• We always send out thank you notes to new clients
• We always send out Christmas cards to all clients with our hand-written signature
• We will sponsor events if they are relevant to our industry or they will get the proper exposure
• We will always use the hashtags relevant to our theme and slogan + extras if needed, but they need to follow our guidelines
• We will NEVER give out pricing to clients listed out on a giveaway or leave behind. We will ONLY provide custom quotes or general prices that could take away from a potential follow up or consultation.
• We will provide a leave behind to any potential client!
• We will assign clients to salespeople and salespeople will be responsible for making sure client is happy with their order. Amanda will conduct 6mo. Cold calls to each client to ensure they are happy with salesperson.
• We do offer $25 off client’s next order when they write us a review and encourage honest reviews, always!
• We will try to encourage as much as possible collecting emails to add to our mailing list
• We will conduct monthly blogs
• Everything we do must be proofed! Of course, within reason ;)

Places We Network With

Local Chamber's of Commerce, Networking Organizations, Online Directory Listings, Community Organizations

Members of

Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce (Through Hillsdale Web Design), Hillsdale Business Association

We Give Back (Charity)

We support local organizations by offering sponsorships and donations

Press Releases


Products and Services

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Fonts, Colors, Description of Brand

Fonts we use:
Serifa Std 55 Roman, 12pt
Lemon/Milk Bold
Avenir Light, 12pt
Avenir Medium, 12pt
Hearth Stone Regular
Substitute for Avenir: Helvetica or Arial in that order
Substitute for Serifa: not sure yet... it's pretty universal
Substitute for lemon/milk: I need to think about it
Substitute for Hearth Stone: I need to think about it

Colors we use:
Marketing; #f69262/246, 146, 98/0,52,65,0
Branding; #ad248b/173,36,139/34,99,2,0
Print; #7ac89c/122,200,156/53,0,50,0
Design; #28a8e0/40,168,224/70,17,0,0
Body; #424343/66,67,67/68,60,59,45
And, use Orange and Dark Gray more than anything ;)
We LOVE white space and clean straight lines!!!

Logo, Marks, Favicon

Contact Information

Address, Phone, Fax, Email



M-Thurs. 10-2

Online Directory Listings (NOT DLP) and Social Media Sites


All platforms

Payment Type and Discounts

HMG Exclusive Clients Program

Our Identifying Hashtags

#marketing4you #brandmarketprintrepeat #sweetsweetbranding #putabrandonit #working4younotus #gotdesign #setthetrend #beatrendersetter #firstimpression #targetmarket #lookatme #knowyourmarketplace #makeanimpression #makeyourmark #targetedmarketingstrategies #getnoticed #yourmarketinggurus #logolove #bulletproofmarketing #marketingbootcamp #yourbrandambassador #showmewhatyougot #smallbizmarketing #brandyourbiz #tellingyourstory)

Come See Us! (Trade Shows/Expos)


The Process

Introductory Letter, Custom Quotes, Strategy Marketing Meeting, Implementation, Support, Client Relations

Staff Bio(s)

We’re kind of a BIG DEAL
Meet the Core 4!
Hillsdale Marketing Group offers business development tools and services including advertisements, branding and logo design, print collateral, professional online business listings, commercial photography, digital marketing, graphic design, web packages and services, content writing and more!

A. Honey (Amanda Honeywell)
Chief Everything Officer, Owner/Designer
e: ahoney@hillsdalewebdesign.com
c: 517.320.2543

Christine Bowman
Creative Consultant
e: cbcommunityvision@gmail.com
c: 517.607.1713

Connie Sexton
Creator of Opportunities
e: csexton1954@yahoo.com
c: 419.508.9857

Sarah Gray
Lead Content Strategist
e: sgray@hillsdalemarketinggroup.com
c: 517.331.1072

Our Contact Info
Hillsdale Marketing Group
Hillsdale, MI 49242
www.hillsdalemarketing.com (Our Promotional Products Site)
www.csextondesigns.com (Connie’s Profile Site)
www.ahoney.net (Amanda’s Profile Site)

Behind the Scenes

Our Demographic

Business Owners

All of Our Domains
Facebook Giveaway Schedule and Details

We conduct a bi-monthly giveaways of about $15-25 worth of local products

Hashtags We Use Often

#hillsdalemarketinggroup, #hmgroup, #hmgtoppicks, #hmgcore4

How We Up Sell

We offer discounted rates for bundling options through our HMG Exclusive Program which includes specialized and exclusive products and services not offered a la carte. We also house a Company Overview and Budget Plan so our clients have access to an updated version at all times. https://www.hillsdalewebdesign.com/companyoverview/

Keywords and Phrases

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Directory Listing Categories

Marketing Agency

We maintain client relations by sending gifts to our Exclusive Clients, we offer discounts on reviews, we partner with HWD to showcase our website clients, we send out discounts on Holidays, and we offer referral discounts.

Rewards Program(s)

Hillsdale County, MI

Service Area(s) (Location)

Yext and a variety of distributor websites

Vendors or agencies we currently team up or partner or outsource to to help run our day to day operations
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Our Competition

2nd Story Marketing, Hoyden Creative Group

Client Onboarding

Welcome packet to Exclusive Clients, Thank you notes to everyone, Print Collateral for Exclusive Clients, Notepads and Pens for everyone, Project Feature for a month to Exclusive Clients w/Press Release

Image by Lee  Campbell

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Custom websites are created and managed to fit your needs, not ours! Designed and built with you in mind, your new website will have everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

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