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365 Medical Billing Services

Advanced website design with custom coded add-ons and online directory listings.

We've worked with Robyn and 365MBS for a few years now, starting with various projects such as business cards and a brand new, professional logo to a complete custom coded website with personalized apps such as a complex calculator. 365MBS also has our team handle 50+ online where 365MBS can make company updates to all their listings seamlessly at one time. Lastly, our Content Creator curates custom blogs each month for 365MBS that go directly on their website, alerting all of their site subscribers.

Tell us a little about your business

At 365MBS we pride ourselves in getting your practice right from the start! We will offer creative solutions to assist your practice/company in growth and revenue cycle management. Our initial meeting is more of an interview. We find out exactly what your needs are, put a plan together, and target your goals and specific needs. The 365MBS team offers resources for all areas of your facility/practice. We are a team made up of diverse members with various areas of expertise. Get in touch with us so we can give you the 365MBS advantage!

Why did you decide to invest in website design?

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What were you struggling with most in your business before investing in website design?

How did investing in a website help your business?

Any advice for people just starting out or wanting to create their own business?

Where can people find you?

What's new with your business?

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Project Deliverables

365MBS knew they wanted a certain type of color scheme for their brand so when creating their logo, we kept this in mind. To create a professional logo, however, it must first function and convey a message properly in black and white; 365MBS also knew they wanted a bold and professional look. We created their logo initially in black and white using heavy fonts and a simple, yet modern, format. We also didn't want to over complicate the logo so we had the words of the business itself as the logo where the 365 could stand alone if needed. 365MBS loved their logo so we added their color, and voila!

With their business cards, they actually created the original design themselves! Our team recreated them, adjusting a tad here and there so they were brand focused and ready for reorders in a high-quality print.

We have 365MBS setup in our Online Directory Program where they are listed on over 50 websites online that have their accurate information, great for SEO. When they need a phone number change, hours changed, product and service information changed, images added, and more, they are able to make those changes one time and all the listings update simultaneously.

365MBS’s website is a custom created dynamic database where they can have potential clients enter a section of their site that is specially customized for them. The site is equipped with forms that automatically alert 365MBS when those clients (Physicians) enter in their custom code. This Physician’s Portal has a complex revenue calculator for the doctors as well.  The content of the site was developed by their staff and by our Content Creator, Sarah Gray, ensuring all content specific to their business–not a cookie cutter site by any means!

Lastly, their site is branded with their colors, their fonts, and their imagery.

To help with their SEO, 365MBS also hires Sarah to write a curated blog articles each month that represents the business’s personality and line of work to update its followers with health related tips, advice, knowhow, and so on.

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